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Dog training consultant


What our clients have to say

When we met and had a chance to chat at the Barkleigh Pet Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania, I knew I had found someone special.  Someone that understood dogs, someone that understood communication, and someone that understood the industry.  When I arrived back home to see your email regarding a potential visit to my facility, I couldn't reply fast enough!  Your time with us through that week was way too short; however I soaked as much knowledge from you as I possibly could.  So much was happening when you were here, and we were able to hit a little of this and a little of that but it wasn't until after you left that I was able to sit down and truly process all the amazing ideas and knowledge you were able to provide us.  Fortunately, even though back in Canada, you were still able to answer my follow-up questions in a timely manner considering you were most likely on to helping more people!  I would say what I learned most out of your time with Lakeshore K9 aside from learning where to tighten some things up, how to save some money and make some more of it, is that I truly need to focus on the people within my business and their training because if they always need me to be there, I will never be able to work ON my business.  I can't wait to see you at the next education seminar!  


Jordan Aaron, Lakeshore K9, Chicago IL

Sunday’s “need to knows” doggie session was packed with great information. The Paw and Order staff did a wonderful job. Stephanie would do much good to continue with these sessions. It would be great to see a series of topic sessions. Stephanie is a dynamic speaker and her passion for animal care comes shining through.


Andrew Newell

The “Need to Knows” seminar put on this past weekend by Stephanie Shipley and the staff of Paw & Order was so informative it should be a mandatory class before anyone is allowed to have a dog join their family!
It was well done, interesting and entertaining all at the same time. Stephanie’s presentation was so full of topics that everyone in the room has probably either dealt with or wondered at some point that as I said, it should be a mandatory class! From reading the behavioural signs dogs give us, to mentally stimulating toy suggestions to health and medical must-haves, it was 5 jam-packed hours! She certainly taught a lot of us “old dogs” some new things!  Stephanie’s passion for dogs shown through as I could tell at points she got emotional, it certainly shows that she cares very much and loves what she does every day. We are all very lucky to have the Paw & Order group leading the way in helping everyone become the best dog parent and family they can be!
I would highly recommend future seminars to anyone who couldn’t make this one ... I know I’m looking forward to the next one!


Susan Henley

I attended Doggie "Need to knows" this morning. Stephanie is amazing! She covered a multitude of topics and kept every minute interesting. The time flew by. If you have a dog or plan on getting a dog, I highly recommend you attending this seminar. No matter how much you think you know about dogs, I guarantee that you will learn something.


   Tammy Munroe

The Contact Atlantic Committee initially didn't want to say yes to you - I insisted. I wasn't taking no on you being there. Very glad I did! One committee member just suggested you be a kick-off keynote in a future conference. Your information was the most relevant for them and the most dynamic of presenters.


        Cheryl Steadman

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