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Having spent more than 20 years in the hotel and hospitality industry in both the Operations and Human Resources areas,  my love for pets took over, and I opened Paw & Order Inc., an exceptional doggie overnight, day camp and training experience for the pets and humans in our community.  I am a very proud PACCC certified CPACP and CPACO and Eastern Canada's only certified PetTech Instructor bringing the world of Pet First Aid & CPR to the community.  I am also a proud member of the IBPSA and offer pet care facility consulting all over North America.

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Pet Behaviour Specialist
Pet Behaviour Consulting
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Petcare facilities often benefit from a second set of eyes and hands to ensure that their policies, procedures, operations and HR areas are top-notch and yielding every possible efficiency.  We offer those eyes and hands over the phone or in-person to overcome those hurdles and challenges that are holding you, your staff and you facility back from reaching their full potential.

Whether it's PetSaver Program, Pet First Aid & CPR or any one of the many emergency preparedness sessions, we will make sure you FEEL prepared to handle those situations.

Education in pet care is crucial. As a certified CPACP and CPACO, it is imperative that we offer our communities access to the most up-to-date information about petcare.  Stephanie is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter who brings life into everyday topics about canine body language, petcare, choosing a petcare facility, PACCC Certification and various HR sessions might be what you, your pet or your organization need!

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